Fredricka Head shot

Frederika MacMillan | Woburn, MA

Clinical Instructor

With a background in cosmetology and a Bachelor of Science in nursing, Fredericka is a walking resource of information. She started off taking courses back in 2017, but it wasn’t until she joined us here at ARI in 2019 when she began practicing full-time. Since then, she has worked towards growing her business, making her way from concierge services to owning her own location. Having the opportunity to pass along the knowledge and skills she has learned throughout her career to incoming nurses has been an amazing experience for Fredericka and she continues to educate herself on the latest in the industry.

Fredericka is currently in the process of obtaining her NP license from Walden University, and she hopes to become a more advanced practitioner in the coming years. Educating new nurses on the ins and outs of this field and watching them grow into the careers they were meant for is the reason Fredericka loves her work so much.

As well as her amazing teaching abilities and injectable skills, Fredericka has a love for all things dogs. Her uplifting personality will leave you feeling comfortable and confident in your own abilities.