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ARI seeks to bring you the most advanced curriculum. We are now offering chin and jawline training to help you address aging in the mid to lower face. This training will help you address your client’s lower face needs at all ages! Bringing in advanced techniques will help further your practice, whether it is your more mature clients addressing sagging skin or pre-jowl sulcus, or you have younger clients seeking to define and contour their lower face. Using the ARI chin and jawline technique will yield the best results. This course will cover patient assessment, review anatomy, product selection, technique, contraindications and complication management, and documentation. This is an in-person course in Woburn, MA, taught by Audrey Rose, NP, or Ryan Flahive, RN.

As you age, gravity takes over, and loss of bony and deep soft tissue structural support plus laxity of retaining ligaments and decreasing skin elasticity contribute to a saggy jawline or jowls. In addition, aesthetic treatments no longer focus on enhancing the lips or adding volume to the midface. Instead, there is now more focus on the lower face and having a defined jawline and prominent chin determines your face shape.

Dermal fillers often make the jawline appear slimmer and contoured by volumizing certain areas. These areas are the bony edges of the mandible and around your chin. Dermal fillers also elongate the jawline’s appearance by providing volume to the chin.

If you have patients with a poorly defined jawline, consider using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers injected along the jawline. Those who have a weaker jawline or lost volume due to age can be given back a defined chin. Think of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers as the frame of a house. When injected into the jawline, HA provides support and shape to overlying tissues. It disguises irregularities caused by loose skin and gives you a more sculpted jawline.

The prerequisite for this course is Intro to Dermal Fillers.

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