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Our Introduction to PDO Threads course covers the application of PDO thread techniques with a focus on the science of beauty, and the most effective ways to restore the indicators of health, using minimally invasive techniques that offer stunning results. This course will also cover indications and contraindications, pre and post-treatment care, treatment protocol, treatment areas, and cannula comparisons.

During the hands-on portion of the workshop, students will learn PDO techniques using smooth, barbed, and twisted sutures. Techniques taught include simple single vector cheek treatment and simple single vector jaw treatment.

Our Clinical Instructors will review how to achieve stunning results with PDO threads while minimizing the potential for complications. This course is a pre-requisite for PDO Max advanced training.

The class size is limited in enrollment to provide as much 1:1 instruction as possible – this class will fill quickly!

We ask that each registrant check with their State Licensing Board and review the practice act pertinent to their scope of practice. Please direct any “scope of practice” questions to a member of your state board, as we will be unable to answer questions pertaining to individual state legalities.

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