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PRP is fast becoming one of the most requested aesthetic procedures and can greatly boost your earning potential. This PRP class offered by ARI is for aesthetic purposes only, and areas covered include full-face rejuvenation and, upon request, hair restoration. This course includes a didactic session and a demonstration of how the PRP is achieved and where it can be injected. The workshop includes all the major areas and provides your aesthetic business with an additional treatment offering. Our staff will ensure each attendee understands and is proficient in the aesthetic uses of PRP. Your patients will love this natural, non-synthetic solution for aesthetic needs and hair rejuvenation.

Thousands of aesthetic medical personnel take advantage of this aesthetic treatment, one of the fastest-growing aesthetic segments. After Platelet Rich Plasma training, you will understand why so many patients are looking for this revolutionary procedure. Our workshop will give you all the necessary tools for using PRP in your business, and you can implement and benefit from PRP therapies almost immediately.

PRP is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from one’s blood, and PRP therapy repairs and regenerates damaged skin for all ages. Its biological mechanism of attraction and action in using platelets in repairing soft tissues is rapidly becoming the aesthetic method of choice. PRP brings the biological potential of skin healing and is the perfect cellular therapy for many aesthetic conditions.

PRP allows blood platelets from a patient to be concentrated and re-reinserted into the body. A blood sample is taken from the arm or hand and spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the blood. Once injected or microneedled, natural growth actions take place and allow for damaged tissue repair. Autologous platelets release concentrated growth factors when activated.

Please note this course does not cover venipuncture.


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