Radiesse Hyperdilute (ON DEMAND)


This course is on-demand it’s 1800 and doesn’t need course dates.

Our Radiesse Hyperdilute course is centered around advanced injection techniques and is reserved for injectors with a minimum of six months of experience with dermal fillers. We cover unique and challenging treatments as well as more advanced injecting methods. During the didactic portion of this course, students will learn how to correct cheeks, chin, jawline, and Hyperdilute.

The hands-on portion of this course occurs on a scheduled day after you’ve completed the on-demand didactic portion. Our students are encouraged to bring 6 live models for comprehensive instruction with one of our Clinical Instructors specific to the areas they are most interested in learning.

This course is an absolute must for anyone seeking to elevate their capabilities and offer new and exciting treatments. The use of cannulas and their benefits will be discussed.