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At the Audrey Rose Institute, we are a team of nurses that are here for nurses. ARI was born when Audrey Rose, our owner, and founder, became frustrated by having endless experience in medical aesthetics, but continuously hearing “no” when trying to break into the industry. She refused to take “no” for an answer and paved her own way by creating her own resources. Audrey knew this would ensure that other nursing and healthcare professionals would not run into dead ends while trying to be successful. She created ARI so that all aesthetics providers can confidently build their businesses and safely inject without hurdles.

At ARI, we believe in building a community that is safe and inclusive. We know there is room for everyone in this industry, and we are here to help open the door for you and break down any barriers you have come across. With our boutique-style, small class sizes, and one-on-one hands-on learning, ARI is here to help all beginners with in-depth and detailed introductory classes. Have you already taken the intro course and need more confidence? The Audrey Rose Institute offers clinics for additional training to build confidence and experience.

ARI isn’t just for the beginning injector. The Audrey Rose Institute is here to cater to medical professionals such as nurse practitioners, medical doctors, registered nurses, physician assistants, and dentists. With a plethora of resources to assist the novice aesthetics provider, we are here with competitive product pricing and access to experts who can help you refine your craft and build your business. Your success is our number one goal! Let us help you stay up to date with all of the latest med spa trends and research with the most current aesthetic resources.


The Audrey Rose Institute has been training medical providers for neuromodulators and dermal fillers since 2016.
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We provide in-depth training for all levels of aesthetic providers

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