Founded in 2016, Audrey Rose created ARI for nurses like herself. Constantly facing barriers to a world she was trying to break into, she decided to bust down the walls and make a way for other healthcare professionals like herself to be successful.

At Audrey Rose Institute, our expertise lies in helping medical professionals transition into the field of medical aesthetics. With our proficiency in clinical practices and thorough business knowledge, we have created coursework and resources for all things related to injectables and business development. Our courses are designed with all levels of clinicians in mind. We can help you advance your physical practice and propel your business forward, simplifying your transition into the medical aesthetics industry.

ARI services all the New England area, including Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. While ARI is available to help in all of New England, our resources are more readily available for those licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Meet the Team

Audrey - Ageless Weighless


CEO and Founder of ARI

All of her life, Audrey has aspired to reach a level of respect within the medical industry and to one day reach the highest degree of confidence with everyone she comes in contact with. She began her career by obtaining her master’s degree at Northeastern University as an acute care nurse practitioner. While working in the acute care setting, Audrey felt a pull into another part of the nursing and medical field: medical aesthetics. She did everything possible to learn the ins and outs of the medical aesthetics industry and enhance every skill she could to give her the expertise to be a trusted, top-tier clinician in every setting. She went on to start her own private practice and the trust she had built within her community allowed her to quickly expand into two locations.


Director of Education and Development

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in environmental science, it was a pleasant surprise when Lisa found her way into the world of medical aesthetics. Moving into her career, Lisa searched for an industry where she could apply her educational background while also feeling connected to something bigger that would later allow her to leave a lasting impact on the people around her. Finding her way onto the ARI team, she began her aesthetic journey 3.5 years ago, starting off working at the front desk. From the beginning, Lisa distinguished herself as a driven and dedicated member of the ARI team, excelling in her career into the next steps. Quickly acquainting herself with extensive knowledge and resources within medical aesthetics, Lisa worked her way from a front desk worker to an esteemed Director of Education and Development.

Lisa Tuggle | Woburn, MA
Ryan Flahive | Woburn, MA


Clinical Instructor

Starting off his career as an orthopedic/trauma nurse, Ryan made his way through various occupation-related standpoints, all of which have helped to mold him into the highly experienced nurse he is today. The next step for Ryan was making the transition into Surgical ICU, Cardiothoracic PACU, and Trauma ICU. It wasn’t long before Ryan decided to follow his dreams and enroll in numerous courses offered at the Audrey Rose Institute of Medical Aesthetics. Ryan is a natural when it comes to all things injections, and the ample knowledge that he received through his coursework has excelled his career in the industry and positioned him as a top injector. The network of support he has received through ARI combined with the encouragement from his fellow injectors has made his adjustment into medical aesthetics a breeze, and Ryan has become an important resource to the team.


Clinical Instructor

After achieving the title of nurse practitioner, Analesa sought out a career path that would fulfill her goals and passions. Analesa’s love for helping people feel their best and most confident is what ultimately led to her exciting career in medical aesthetics. With 5 years of experience in the industry so far, Analesa has had the opportunity to advance her knowledge and skillsets around the world of injectable medicine and expand the level of expertise she can bring to her treatments.

Analesa Baraka, NP
Gabby Silva headshot

Gabrielle Silva | Woburn, MA

Student Advisor

As a fashion design major, Gabrielle sought out opportunities to expand upon her creative mindset and competitive nature. Given the opportunity to intern with ARI, Gabrielle leapt at the chance and has fit right in with the fast-paced environment. Through working in the medical aesthetic industry these past months, Gabrielle has found newfound enjoyment for her work, and her practical business expertise and creativity has been a huge asset to the team.

Gabrielle has taken upon the role of student advisor since, and often times is found collaborating with students and guiding them through their aesthetic journeys. Having the opportunity to take on a supportive role within such a transitional period in these nurses’ careers has been a rewarding aspect of her job and she loves watching every nurse continue on to build successful names for themselves.

Neldine Torres | Woburn, MA

Clinical instructor

Combining her love for skincare and intense interest in the science of medicine, it wasn’t a surprise that Neldine found herself engulfed in the world of medical aesthetics. She started off her career slow, only injecting on the side as she pursued her master’s degree in nursing. The excitement she found within her injecting career was much stronger than any other occupation she had experienced, leading her to pursue it full time. The immense support she had through ARI and Audrey Rose herself is what ultimately led to her finally investing her time into what she loved to do. Now, a part of the ARI team, Neldine has become an amazing instructor and continues to influence incoming nurses within our programs.

Neldine Headshot
Rania Nasr

Rania Nasr | Woburn, MA

Clinic Cordinator

Rania’s inviting nature is apparent upon first entry to ARI. She’s always loved the idea of working in the aesthetic industry and was a long-time patient of Audrey’s. Given the opportunity, Rania leapt at the chance to work ARI and left her previous employment behind. She has since become a vital member of the ARI team and is a huge help to all who walk through our doors.

With a background in cosmetology, Rania has a broad understanding of the aesthetic industry and has become passionate about the aging process and preventative procedures that follow. She hopes to continue to grow within her role and make an even bigger impact on the nurses that come to us.

Frederika MacMillan | Woburn, MA

Clinical Instructor

With a background in cosmetology and a Bachelor of Science in nursing, Fredericka is a walking resource of information. She started off taking courses back in 2017, but it wasn’t until she joined us here at ARI in 2019 when she began practicing full-time. Since then, she has worked towards growing her business, making her way from concierge services to owning her own location. Having the opportunity to pass along the knowledge and skills she has learned throughout her career to incoming nurses has been an amazing experience for Fredericka and she continues to educate herself on the latest in the industry.

Fredericka is currently in the process of obtaining her NP license from Walden University, and she hopes to become a more advanced practitioner in the coming years. Educating new nurses on the ins and outs of this field and watching them grow into the careers they were meant for is the reason Fredericka loves her work so much.

Fredricka Head shot
Ebonee Blackwood

Ebonee Blackwood, NP

Clinical Instructor

Ebonee Blackwood is a Medical Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, and owner of Cutelooks Medipsa, a Luxury Medipsa located in Boca Raton Florida.

Ebonee graduated with Honors Cum Laude from Nova Southeastern University and received her Master’s as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is also a licensed Esthetician Skin Specialist and very passionate about skincare.

Ebonee has had a longstanding experience in health and wellness and has personal experience in Aesthetic Medicine for over 20 years throughout South Florida. She is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who has devoted her career to Aesthetics, Cosmetic Medicine, Anti-aging, Skincare, and Nephrology. Ebonee is also a Professor for Nova Southeastern University where she is the Clinical Instructor for the Nurse Practitioner Program.


Clinical Instructor

With slight encouragement and a boost from Audrey Rose herself, Lenore turned her spark of interest in the medical aesthetics field into a full-blown career. Lenore acquired her master’s in nursing and proceeded to take various courses in injectable medical aesthetics. Within her first 5 years of experience in this cut-throat industry, and a focus on injections, Lenore has perfected her skill sets with an undeniable ability to utilize and specify the right technique, injecting style, and products to make her a valued member of the Audrey Rose Institute.

Lenore Delgrosso, NP
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