Introducing Our Exclusive Audrey Rose Institute Membership Program!

The Audrey Rose Institute Membership Program gives you access to all our benefits through one easy payment and monthly subscription. Whether you are new to injecting or have been in the aesthetic industry for years, Audrey Rose Institute has the resources to help you grow your business, expand your practice, and develop a long-lasting career in aesthetics.

Choose your network plan

All of our ARI Network Plans include the same great benefits and features, with the key difference being the plan duration. However, there is a discount for committing to an exclusive ARI Network Membership for a longer time period. 

Silver Membership


Every month

Month to Month payments

Golden Membership

5% discount

Valid for 6 months

Platinum Membership

10% off a 12-month membership

Valid for 12 months

If you are a nurse seeking physician oversight, please consult our school director, Lisa, at Additional fees will apply, and your network plan will be billed separately.


As a Member of the ARI Network, you receive all of the following benefits:

The ARI Aesthetic Buddy Program (ABP) was designed for aesthetic providers that are brand new to injecting or require greater guidance. Novice injectors can be paired with an experienced senior aesthetic provider for support and encouragement. Transitioning into this field of injectables has never been more effective with our buddy program that ensures safety, positive role models, access to seasoned clinicians, and crucial connections to others in the field to answer those routine or odd questions you may have. This program is here to provide you with a community that is passionate, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and ready to answer all your questions any time of the day.

Our Aesthetic Code Team (ACT) understands that even when safety is your number one priority, the unexpected can still happen. The Aesthetic Code Team provides you access to a group of well-seasoned and highly trained senior providers with a long history of knowledge in aesthetic practices and injectables. They have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and they’re here to help if an adverse or unexpected event occurs, members of our ACT team will be made readily available to you for support, management, and counseling. This is not to be used as a replacement to your in-clinic medical director, but as an additional asset and collaborative tool to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Audrey Rose Institute’s number one goal is safety for our clinicians as well as our clients.

With ARI’s years of experience and connections, we have created a team of medical directors for guidance and referrals to access at your very fingertips! Our network members can access products at a lower rate through their medical director, which will be crucial in efficiently expanding your practice and building your business. Invest in yourself with our network of medical directors and resources and let us help your business blossom!

Join us on a monthly basis for an unscripted, informal webinar to ask Audrey Rose any injectable-related questions. This is a laid-back opportunity to ask any questions that may have come up since your last training or throughout your workday that don’t require a formalized training or referral!

Looking for extra training? Need a confidence boost? Audrey Rose Institute offers a private 1:1 hands-on clinic at a 50% discount for our network members for just $75/hour with a 4-hour minimum. Non-members pay $150/hour.

As an ARI Network member, you will receive 15% off our class tuition.

For you to be successful in your practice, members of the ARI Network have access to the best pharmaceutical product pricing in the country.

Join our community and get the benefit of staying in the loop for available positions in your area! Help ARI reach new regions and heights! We can’t wait to have you join the team of certified, professional, and excited alumni within a network that will help be the most confident, authentic, and highly skilled injector of your dreams.