We recommend taking the Intro to Neurotoxins course first, as it is a prerequisite for all our other courses.
Entering the field of aesthetic medicine starts with training and researching your state laws and regulations.  First, you’ll want to take our Intro to Neurotoxin course as it is a prerequisite for all our other courses. Next, take the Intro to Dermal filler course and then finally the Lip Augmentation course. After those three courses, we suggest practicing the basics for 6 months to a year and then consider taking more advanced training to further your skills.
A medical director must be a licensed physician.
Yes, we offer a cadaver course once a year in the fall. It’s an unmatched educational experience focused on safety, anatomy, and complication management. You’ll leave this course with the confidence you’ve always needed to inject with ease. All while networking with thought leaders in the industry.
Our On-demand webinars for Intro to Neurotoxin and Intro to Dermal fillers are a great option for someone eager to get trained and may not want to wait for our next in-person course date or if they have a scheduling conflict for the upcoming course date. The On-demand webinar curriculum allows students to do the didactic portion on their own time through a pre-recorded webinar. Students come in at a later scheduled date to complete the hands-on portion in person.

Someone with an active medical license such as LPN, RN, NP, PA, MD, DMD.

No you do not. Once you’re under medical directorship through our referral program, then you do not need to pay the monthly membership fee. You will be given a code to bypass the billing section so you can create login credentials an explore our resources.

Aesthetic buddies are senior injectors, who we feel would make great mentors for beginner injectors. Buddies are a great support system that we provide to beginner injectors so you can ask questions or bounce ideas off them.

Once you are done with the onboarding process, you will schedule a virtual orientation where you will learn how to pick up product through your medical director

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Florida.

All prices are set by the medical director themselves, so it varies.

The Audrey Rose Institute was created to make breaking into the medical aesthetics industry easy and affordable for all. We pride ourselves on helping beginner injectors create their own personalized journey as they navigate the industry. We value hands-on practice and one-to-one class settings, as well as clear and concise communication.

There are endless opportunities in the medical aesthetics industry, and we highly suggest that you explore them by continuing your education and practicing. We encourage you to take Advanced Neurotoxin or the Advanced Lip Workshop.

If you have a medical director, you must contact them first in case of an adverse event. If you would like more support, you may also contact our Aesthetic Code Team. The Aesthetic Code Team or ACT is exclusive to our network members, and it is a team of trusted and experienced injectors within our network who have volunteered to provide advice to injectors experiencing an adverse event.

Our Fellowship Program was tailored for injectors within our Network who are interested in the highest level of training that ARI has to offer. The Fellowship is 6 months long and our fellows are expected to come to the office at least once a week for an 8-hour shadow day. After the first 3 months, the fellow will participate in their first personal hands-on clinic and another one at the 6-month mark. ARI Fellows will have the opportunity to shadow advanced injectors like Audrey Rose or another Age-less Weigh-less injector.

Our On-Demand webinars are a great opportunity for those who are tight on time and may not have time to join us in the office for two in-person trainings. Our On-Demand webinars allow students to take the didactic portion of the course at home and on their own time. Once the didactic portion has been completed, we will schedule an in-person hands-on clinic, where the student will join us in office to practice injecting 4-6 models. We offer an On-demand webinar option for Intro to Neurotoxin and Intro to Dermal Fillers.

We recommend that all beginner injectors start with our Intro to Neurotoxin Course. Intro to Neurotoxin will give beginner injectors a solid foundation of injection and aesthetic knowledge. Intro to Neurotoxin is also a prerequisite to all other courses offered at ARI.

  • We have an amazing EMR documentation system that allows for:
  • Live orders with our nurse practitioners and
  • Ability to store all of your consents and other forms, and
  • Treatment records
  • Photos of the patient (think about all the expressions and angles!)
  • Neurotoxin being used, Lot Number, and Expiration Date.

No students may take Intermediate and advanced courses regardless of whether courses were taken at our institution or not.


Licensed medical professionals, such as RN, PA, LPN, MD, and NP, can inject neurotoxins.
Yes, in the state of MA and NH dentists can inject neurotoxin and dermal fillers.
NP or RN are not allowed to do PDO threads in MA. However, a Physician Assistant may perform PDO thread procedures.
Questions on one’s scope of practice are best directed to the Board of Registration that issued their license, under the Division of Professional Licensure. https://www.mass.gov/orgs/division-of-professional-licensure
Yes, if you are an RN/LPN or non-licensed personnel you will need to apply for a  clinic license. Here is the link to apply:
Before any training with ARI, you will need to pass your NCLEX exam.

No physical presence necessary for PAs as long as long as supervision is continuous. For NPs not necessary with more than 2 years of prescriptive practice, physical presence is not required.

PAs and NPs may be delegated to new patient medical examination and patient history by a physician.

Massachusetts law does not require either (1) the cosignature of PAs documentation by supervising physician or (2) the name of supervising physician on a properly issued prescription of medication by a PA.

If RN is practicing in a medical spa there must be a physician medical director or appointed supervising physician, PA or NP on site while medical procedures are being performed.

The anti kickback statutes are laws that prohibit a physician or medical spa from using any form of compensation to encourage other persons to drive referrals to the physician or medical spa.

Yes, by statute a patient has a right to access medical reports and records relating to health history, diagnosis and treatment as well as billing records and medical records prepared by other health care providers or facilities.

No, the term medical director implies duties or business or management decisions that necessarily implicate the practice of medicine and a chiropractor and dentist would be prohibited from acting in that capacity under governing physician delegation in Massachusetts.

They may be compensated a reasonable salary for performing their job duties however if the salary is based upon a percentage of profit generated this may violate Massachusetts anti kickback statute. Incentive bonuses may be permissible in some circumstances, such as productivity metrics or patient satisfaction.

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