We recommend taking the Intro to Neurotoxins course first, as it is a prerequisite for all our other courses.
Entering the field of aesthetic medicine starts with training and researching your state laws and regulations.  First, you’ll want to take our Intro to Neurotoxin course as it is a prerequisite for all our other courses. Next, take the Intro to Dermal filler course and then finally the Lip Augmentation course. After those three courses, we suggest practicing the basics for 6 months to a year and then consider taking more advanced training to further your skills.
A medical director must be a licensed physician.
Yes, we offer a cadaver course once a year in the fall. It’s an unmatched educational experience focused on safety, anatomy, and complication management. You’ll leave this course with the confidence you’ve always needed to inject with ease. All while networking with thought leaders in the industry.
Our On-demand courses for Intro to Neurotoxin and Intro to Dermal fillers are a great option for someone eager to get trained and may not want to wait for our next in-person course date or if they have a scheduling conflict for the upcoming course date. The On-demand curriculum allows students to do the didactic portion on their own time through a pre-recorded webinar. Students come in at a later scheduled date to complete the hands-on portion in person.
Our hybrid course and live course have no difference in content or credit hours. The only difference is the didactic portion is simply over a live webinar instead of in person. The live webinar is a small class size allowing everyone to participate by asking questions and through group discussion.

Someone with an active medical license such as LPN, RN, NP, PA, MD, DMD.


Licensed medical professionals, such as RN, PA, LPN, MD, and NP, can inject neurotoxins.
Yes, in the state of MA and NH dentists can inject neurotoxin and dermal fillers.
NP or RN are not allowed to do PDO threads in MA. However, a Physician Assistant may perform PDO thread procedures.
No, a medical director must be a licensed physician.
Questions on one’s scope of practice are best directed to the Board of Registration that issued their license, under the Division of Professional Licensure. https://www.mass.gov/orgs/division-of-professional-licensure
Yes, if you are an RN/LPN or non-licensed personnel you will need to apply for a  clinic license. Here is the link to apply:
Before any training with ARI, you will need to pass your NCLEX exam.

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