Neldine Torres | Woburn, MA

Clinical Instructor

Combining her love for skincare and intense interest in the science of medicine, it wasn’t a surprise that Neldine found herself engulfed in the world of medical aesthetics. She started off her career slow, only injecting on the side as she pursued her master’s degree in nursing. The excitement she found within her injecting career was much stronger than any other occupation she had experienced, leading her to pursue it full time. The immense support she had through ARI and Audrey Rose herself is what ultimately led to her finally investing her time into what she loved to do. Now, a part of the ARI team, Neldine has become an amazing instructor and continues to influence incoming nurses within our programs.

Passing along the knowledge Neldine has collected over the years has allowed her to positively impact the lives of every nurse she interacts with, and her own expertise continues to grow. She specializes in neurotoxin injections and skincare, with an interest in the treatment of people of color. Neldine is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and hopes to make an impact within the industry to open up an equal opportunity for all.

Outside of work, Neldine’s favorite place to be is at the beach and she enjoys the simple pleasures of traveling and indulging in various foods. She also takes pride in her ability to speak 3 languages. Neldine’s caring presence is noticeable as soon as you come in contact with her, and she is always a joy to be around.