In-Person Neocutis Training


Join us for an informal Neocutis training. We will be discussing the science behind each product, how to bring Neocutis into your practice, and sample some of the products. You will also have the chance to buy Neocutis at wholesale price.

The Neocutis medical-grade line was founded in 2003 after years of wound healing research conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland. The original formula was used to help with the healing of burns and cuts and developed to eliminate the process that leads to scarring. Researchers discovered tht the Neocutis formula actually soften the area around the burns leaving them soft and scar-free. Neocutis is a physician-dispensed skin care line that includes proprietary growth factors and peptides.

Neocutis products give skin the proper environment to diminish and prevent the visible signs of aging. These products harness the power of two main ingredients to help maintain skin’s youthful and healthy appearance. Products are patented processed, and the company includes innovative technologies to deliver their advanced skin care solutions.

One product is Processed Skin Proteins that are rich in growth factors, antioxidants, collagen, and other products. The other is peptide-rich Micro Protein Complex. Neocutis products that work to restore softer, smoother, and more vibrant tones and textures to the skin. If your skin has been damaged by the environment, time, or trauma, Neocutis will help restore a healthier appearance with continued use.

Neocutis products include moisturizers, serums eye care cleansers plus products for the neck & decolletage. Skincare products include creams, gels, balms, fluids, and foams. Neocutis also carries products for acne, fine liens and wrinkles, pigmentation correction and dehydration.

Products are certified cruelty-free, clean, dermatologist approved, fragrance-free and gluten free. We have 10 products designed for men and 14 set aside for women.

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