Chin and Jawline Workshop Woburn


Chin and jawline is a great first step into advanced/intermediate course offerings. Patients are asking for jawline contouring now more than ever! In recent years we’ve seen pharma companies successfully race to get jawline indications. This training will help providers address aging in the mid to lower face, and help their patients reduce the signs of aging overall. In this course, we will address a wide range of patient concerns, whether it is your more mature clients addressing sagging skin or pre-jowl sulcus, or you have younger clients seeking to define and contour their lower face this course will give you the tools to address both! During all of our workshops, we cover patient assessment, review anatomy, product selection, technique, contraindications and complication management, and documentation. The prerequisite for this course is to have completed an Intro to Dermal Fillers training.

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August 17, 2024 from 10 am – 3:00 pm, Woburn