Tear Trough and Temple Workshop Woburn


4 spots

Our tear trough workshop will allow you to integrate tear troughs safely and effectively into your practice. Treating tired eyes is one of the most desired aesthetic treatments in the cosmetic industry. Temples are a notoriously underrated treatment. When you incorporate them into your practice you will be shocked to see how well they lift the lower face, open the eyes, and blend our client’s beautiful cheekbones into a flawless face shape. In this course, we will cover patient assessment, review anatomy, product selection, technique, contraindications and complication management, and documentation. This is an in-person course in Woburn, MA taught by Audrey Rose, NP. At the end of the presentation, each student will inject two models, for additional hands-on training in network members pay $75 an hour, while non-network members pay $150 an hour. The prerequisite for this course is Intro to Dermal Fillers.

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